An Ontario Election is Coming

The 42nd Ontario general election will be held on or before June 7th, 2018.

The Kitchener—Conestoga Greens hope to turn this riding on its ear by electing a Green MPP in June.  If you’re reading this blog there is an excellent chance you are as interested in electing Greens as we are. Kitchener—Conestoga will host our AGM (Annual General Meeting) and Candidate Nominations early in 2018.  There will be an official mailout in January, but we’ll also post event details here.  Whether or not you’re a member, you’re always welcome at Green Party events. (You will need to be a member to vote for the Executive and candidate, however.)

Canadian and Ontario politics are badly in need of some new voices; it has become painfully clear that if we really want real change, we need to start voting for what we want, not who we think might be elected.

And we need your help!  Volunteers can make all the difference, and of course votes will always be appreciated.  In spite of the mainstream claims the 2008 recession is over, we are aware that although it may be true for the one percent, it isn’t for most people.  If you aren’t in a position to donate; please don’t.  Come out to our events or volunteer instead!

If you can afford to donate now (or in the future), something I did not realize before joining the party is that political donations come with tax breaks. I was shocked to learn three quarters of anything you donate up to $400 will be refunded when you do your taxes!  After that the rebates reduce in size, check the chart below for details.

Although we don’t normally solicit donations here, a an election coming, this is a great time to donate if you’re going to.   Especially if you want to donate to the max, if you get your donation in by December 31st, you can donate to the max again in 2018.

Kitchener—Conestoga isn’t set up to take online donations (yet) but you can donate directly to the Green Party of Ontario, your year-end donation of $5, $10, $25 or whatever you can afford will be most appreciated. Any donation you can make will help fund the preparations for our upcoming crucial election, mere months away!

Your Gift Tax Credit* Actual Cost
$5 $3.75 $1.25
$10 $7.50 $2.50
$25 $18.75 $6.25
$50 $37.50 $12.50
$100 $75 $25
$300 $225 $75
$400 $300 $100
$500 $350 $150
$750 $475 $275
$900 $550 $350
$1,200 $700 $500
*Based on your total tax credit for 2017

If your pre-New Year’s resolution is to make an end of year donation to the Green Party don’t delay!

And if there’s any cash in the kitty after making your GPO donation, you might want to consider a donation to the Green Party of Canada.GreenGearsThe Green Party is a grassroots party operating on a minimal budget; with your help we can run more robust campaigns. We need Green voices at the table for today and into the future.

100 years ago in Halifax

Today marks the centennial of the devastating Halifax Harbour explosion. A tragedy of epic proportions.

How it happened was senseless.

Something like 2,500 died. The explosion literally incinerated such a large area they couldn’t be certain. More than 9,000 wounded.

“This may be the only photograph of the remnants of blast itself reportedly taken 15-20 seconds after the explosion.

“Indications are that it was taken at Bedford Basin, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, from approximately a mile’s distance looking southeast.

“Photographer: unknown.

“Although the National Library and Archives Canada description estimates the distance from the explosion as 21 km/13 mi, the actual location and distance have never been firmly established.

“However, the height of the blast at its peak was measured at 3,600 metres (11,811 feet or 2.25 miles) on a sextant by Captain W. M. A. Campbell of the Canadian merchant ship, Acadian, approximately 28 km (18 mi) from the harbour approaches. This measurement is consistent with the time-frame of 15-20 seconds at a distance of 1 mile.

“Furthermore, documented photographic evidence from the Ron Fralick Collection (photo reference numbers: 16,274 & 16,275 – Maritime Museum of the Atlantic) clearly shows the size, shape and direction of the blast cloud as it passed by York Redoubt and indicates that the original photograph was probably taken from Bedford Basin.”

— Wikimedia Commons

But the day was also marked by one astounding act of self sacrifice ~ heroism ~ that saved the lives of hundreds more.

Halifax Aftermath
Halifax Aftermath [see a larger version of our restoration on Flickr]

Image Credits

Halifax Explosion blast cloud restored a public domain image photographed by an unknown photographer, via Wikimedia Commons

View looking south showing damage caused by the Halifax Explosion ~ public domain image from a rolled photographic print of a photograph taken by an unknown photographer via Library and Archives Canada