Rebutting Nonsense Arguments Against Climate Action

Climate Change denial is big business, and the legions of propagandists lobbying against effective Climate Action make the same arguments over and over.

Tu Quoque

I’m sure you’ve heard the one where Elizabeth May or David Suzuki or you are a hypocrite for advocating for real climate action… because Elizabeth May flies from BC to Ottawa!  And look at David Suzuki– what a globe trotter that man is!  And you!  How dare you complain about Climate Change because you use fossil fuels to get around when you drive by car or bus.  Or to heat your home.  Or that plastic bag your milk comes in!

This is a logical fallacy called the ‘argument from hypocrisy’ or ‘tu quoque.’  My “go to” rebuttal article is this one:

Here’s another:

Not Enough Renewable Energy 

Another argument that keeps coming back is the one that renewables can’t possibly replace fossil fuels.  There just isn’t enough!  They aren’t reliable!  Wind Turbines only work when the wind blows.  Solar energy needs the sun to shine!

This argument too, is nonsense.  The fossil fuel industry is the richest in the world.  And yet governments around the world SUBSIDIZE it.  If even half the money our governments are spending on making climate change worse was spent subsidizing electric cars and building the infrastructure necessary to recharge them, and subsidizing retrofitting our homes and businesses to be more energy efficient it would certainly help.   This article offers a nice rebuttal metaphor:

Do you have any effective rebuttals to the standard Climate Denier’s arguments?  Leave a comment below & we’ll add them to our expanding list!