Elizabeth May’s midterm report for the Trudeau Administration

Unsurprisingly the big one was Mr Trudeau’s badly broken Electoral Reform promise.

Democratic deficit, the failure to restore protections to “navigable waters,” Environment policy direction, Climate Change policy, failure to live up to Reconciliation, ignoring evidence given by experts and citizens to Parliamentary Committees and National Consultations… there is much need for improvement.

“…the intangibles are re-engaging Canadians in having faith and hope and trust in a government — if you squander that you encourage cynicism and you hurt democracy in a fundamental way.”

— Elizabeth May

Join us at Open Streets UpTown Waterloo!

Open Streets UpTownWaterloo is an awesome street festival held monthly 4 months each summer.

This SUNDAY (Father’s Day) will be this year’s first Open Streets day.

June 18th, 2017

One might imagine the massive disruption of King Street through UpTown Waterloo in the multi-year roadworks construction for the Waterloo Region LRT could have brought a quick end to a street festival dedicated to giving the streets back to the people.   Not in Waterloo!

Open Streets UpTownWaterloo map ~ click for the full Open Street Map

The Open Streets organizers have exercised a great deal of creativity in shifting the venue each year, but this year they’ve outdone themselves by incorporating the Uptown Waterloo trails as the “street” venues.

Storyteller Michele Braniff

You’ll find the Waterloo Greens Info Table in the Waterloo Public Square Marketplace (Node #5 on the map).

This will be WRGreens second year participating in the OpenStreets UpTownWaterloo festival.  Until now our participation has been limited to a WRGreens Info Booth in the market place, but this year we’re taking it to a new level.

The festival has named a theme for each of the four OPEN STREETS this year, and the theme for Sunday is “Word.”   Naturally, the most suitable word for WRGreens would be “GREEN.”   Since WRGreens has a multi-talented Cambridge Green colleague, Michele Braniff is an Artist, Storyteller and Graphic Recorder, midway through the afternoon Michele Braniff will be telling green stories at the Main Stage beside Laurel Creek (Node #3 on the map).

There are so many things to see and do, this festival is always exciting….which is why it’s a great place to bring your Dad for Father’s Day (and a great place for dads to bring their kids!)

For more information visit OPEN STREETS UpTownWaterloo
follow @OSWaterloo on Twitter
or check out the Facebook page

Volunteers staffing the booth answer questions and discuss Green issues like electoral reform, social justice, basic income and climate change.

WRGreens participate in these events is for the opportunity to discuss green issues and give people a chance to find out a little more about the Green Party in Waterloo Region.

But I have to tell you, it’s also a lot of fun!